Leaders in Online Sales Lead Generation for Scaling Companies

The hardest thing about B2B selling today is that customers
don’t need you the way they used to

– Harvard Business Review

Two-thirds to 90% of the buying cycle is completed before a
B2B buyer ever speaks with a sales rep.
– Forrester

70% of business technology buyers are at the RFP stage
(request for proposal) by the time the vendor becomes aware
of the opportunity
– UBM Techweb

“We help our clients crack new markets and scale their companies. If there are additional sales
leads to be found online, we will find them.”

Pain Points for B2B Marketers

Online sales lead generation is a constantly moving target but the rich rewards are there to be found when you do it right.

Changing search algorithms, getting traction in social media, converting traffic to leads, adapting to mobile usage, conversion optimisation, beating better funded competitors, producing a steady stream of fresh content, finding the right specialist staff, creating sticky websites with low bounce rates are all essential ingredients that can yield quality online sales leads for your business.

The most important challenge in online marketing is always finding and then maintaining reliable streams of sales leads.

What we do at ScaleTone

Built up over thousands of hours of client work since 2008 we are market leaders in online sales lead generation for scaling tech companies.

We do this by helping our clients develop compelling value proposition and sales insights material that resonate strongly with their sweet spot customers.

We then use a number of methodologies to help our clients to significantly increase the volume of the right kind of traffic to their web sites. When those visitors are on the websites we then use tried-and-tested techniques to convert those visitors into qualified sales leads.

The ScaleTone service is a highly iterative process that can be broken down into 3 sequential phases


Detailed competitive analysis

We review what your competitors are targeting and how they are ranking. The competitive analysis also reviews your competitors calls-to-action and search optimsation programs.

Value proposition analysis and development

We help you identify the gaps that may exist between what your customers are saying about you and what your current value proposition is focusing on. We help you produce quality sales insight material that resonates strongly with your customers.

Lead Generation Analysis

We help you create a lead generation program using a wide range of tactics. LinkedIn, retargeting, lead nurturing, off site SEO, Organic search, Google Adwords etc.


The wide range of potential technical problems that ScaleTone can fix on clients’ websites include hosting improvements, site speed, content management, internal link structures, on-page search optimisation, duplicate content, lead tracking, responsiveness, image optimisation, information architecture, etc. The most important improvements ScaleTone can make to clients’ websites are conversion optimisation of traffic into leads.

Test & Deploy

We then test and deploy numerous lead generation campaigns until we find the right source of high quality sales leads for your business. The test and deploy stage is a highly iterative process that will find that consistant source of quality sales leads for your business.

What does success look like for our clients?

  • We help to position your business in the search results to ensure that anybody searching for the specific services provided by your business will visit your company’s website.
  • We position your business as a reference website for anybody broadly searching for information in the your marketplace.
  • We help you create assets for your business – web sites that deliver a constant stream of quality sales leads.

Measurable Value

A typical client project will achieve a 10 X return on investment within 12 to 18 months. Projects that achieve 20 to 30 X ROI within 36 months are not uncommon. We have numerous reference customers from across multiple industries that point to this kind of measurable value.

2016 results for scaling Irish environmental products company

“Over 90% increase in leads and a 30% increase in conversion rate.
Fantastic company to work with, they understand how our customers think.”


Scaling B2B On Software Service in USA Market

“Better than Adwords! We hired ScaleTone in 2015, and thanks to their high volume of great quality technical content, our websites traffic continues to grow exponentially. I am confident we will be earning 10x ROI from ScaleTone’s work within the next 12-24 months.”


Scaling B2B Telecoms Service in USA Market

“I would not consider any search marketing and lead generation program without using them. ScaleTone are specialist in sophisticated, co-ordinated campaigns across multiple websites targeting several sources of leads simultaneously. Put simply, ScaleTone is able to quickly implement complex campaigns with multiple strategies that beat the competition.”


Scaling Financial Software Company in USA Market

“We work in a very specialised, high-value niche and we’ve built up our search traffic over the years into thousands of monthly visitors that deliver a reliable stream of leads and sales. The most remarkable part of the results is that we outrank all our competitors in our market, which includes large corporations like IBM, SAP and JDA.”

Sound interesting?

Leave us your contact details and we’ll call you back.

Sound interesting?

Leave us your contact details and we’ll call you back.